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Do you know why there are restrictions on taking part in our research?

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We need real people to help make digital services accessible for everyone!  

Restrictions are a requirement of our research sessions, for Paid Research Projects we run on behalf of organisations across the UK. Why 👇


  1. To ensure we get people who have used, want, or need the digital products and services of our client.


  1. We want people who have experience or knowledge of the topics, in the right locations to discuss and/or test digital products in research sessions that other people, just like them, will need and want.


  1. People who meet the criteria outlined in the project’s requirements, and who need or have used the products and services are providing valuable insights and feedback that will help shape the future design and development of digital products and services.


  1. Real people who truly use or need the products and services being discussed or tested and who share their experiences, wants, and needs when taking part in Paid Research sessions are contributing to making digital experiences to be accessible for everyone.


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