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Paid Market Research – Usability Research

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What is usability research?

One type of research we conduct at Research Helper is usability research. This is where our researchers will ask participants to use a website or mobile app and ask them a few questions about their experience.

There are five ways we measure the usability of a website or app:

1. Learnability: How easy the app or website is for new users to navigate and complete tasks.

2. Memorability: How easy a returning visitor finds using the website or app after a period of time.

3. Efficiency: How quickly users can complete tasks once they are familiar with the design and layout.

4. Satisfaction: If the user enjoys the design or features of the website or app.

5. Errors: How many errors a user makes when using the website. We also look at how severe those errors are and how quickly someone can recover from them.

Usability research lets you test a brand-new product or service

The great thing about usability research is that it can be done in person or online, via a video call. It’s a great way to get real-world reactions from users before a new website, app or service goes live. This means that companies can test and understand how they need to improve their digital products and services so that they’re easier for everyone to use.

Usability research sessions usually last between 30-60 minutes. They usually require you to share your screen with our researcher as you use a website, app, or digital service. Your research session will be recorded.

They are great fun to take part in and give users the opportunity to test brand-new websites or digital services that have not been used before. The feedback you provide helps to shape the outcome of the final product.

Want to find out more about usability research? Drop our friendly team a line and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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