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Grateful for your support

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Thank you, your support is valued. 

If you are a Research Helper, we would like to thank you for your continued support, for signing up to be on our research panel, and for being part of our Research Helper community. 

You’ve probably noticed a few changes to our content on the website and on our social media pages if you follow us 😉

If you haven’t seen us on socials and you are not part of our research community let us explain, where we are, why, and what we’ve been up to in recent months 👇

The current projects page is always being updated, to keep you informed of the latest research projects and upcoming paid research sessions. 

We are most active on Facebook and Instagram posting most days; we also have Twitter and LinkedIn pages we post to from time to time (when projects and news is relevant to people on these channels).

Follow us on socials to keep up to date with participants’ feedback, upcoming project notifications, and more.


We value our Research Helper community, and we wanted to thank them for their continued support in helping us with our mission to make the world and the digital services in it better for everyone.


We heard and listened to comments / DMs. We replied and acted through our content on social media:

  1. Giving reassurance that we are not scammers
  2. Explained what you can expect from registering to become a Research Helper and updated content on our website.
  3. Updated and simplified new registration forms on the research projects website pages
  4. Reintroduced our Research Helper team and sign-posted ways to contact us by phone, email, or post
  5. Showed you where we work in Leeds and where some face-to-face paid research projects take place
  6. Frequently posted about upcoming projects and feedback from people who have taken part in paid research sessions

So, please drop us an email at if there is anything you feel:

  • we could be doing better to improve your experience
  • what you would like to see more of on our page
  • how we could make our community stronger.

By sharing your views, it will help us understand what we can do better for you and everyone who continues to get involved with Research Helper.

Thank you, your Research Helper Team. 😊