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What you can expect from becoming a Research Helper

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You will be helping to make a difference for everyone. 

If you sign up to become a Research Helper and take part in research sessions 👇

  1. You will receive emails about all paid research opportunities we think might be suitable for you.
  2. You will be invited to apply for specific research projects such as surveys, interviews, or focus groups, either at home or at a location near you.
  3. You will have your say and contribute to making a difference in the design and development of important products and services.
  4. You will be helping to make the world (and the services in it) better for everyone by taking part in our research.
  5. You will get paid to take part in research via a bank transfer, or voucher. Most of our projects pay a minimum of £40 for your time.
  6. You will be paid within 24hrs of taking part in our research.

What to can expect from us 

We run 1000+ paid research sessions throughout the year: over the telephone, online, or in person. 

Some of our research projects have very specific requirements.

We value your time, so to ensure we only talk to you about research projects relevant for you our participant recruiters may be in touch from time to time, to check your details match project requirements (via an email form or telephone).

Don’t worry if you do not hear from us straight away after you have registered, when we have projects suitable for you, you will receive an email to see if you would be interested in taking part.

We have a lot of upcoming projects, we’re always updating our projects page, check out some of our current projects.

If you have any questions there are lots of ways you can contact our professional, friendly, team at Research Helper. 

If you want to meet the team you can, just head over to our contact us page  😊