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Your Research Helper Profile – Keeping Us Updated With The Latest Information

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Why is it important to update your profile? 

At Research Helper, our aim is to change the digital world using findings from research which we carry out. This helps our clients make the necessary changes to improve their services. To ensure the research improves platforms for right people, we work hard to match participants with research they are most suitable for.

With our research being carried out across a range of industries, we have learned the importance of having a diverse pool of participants. This helps with our aim of becoming the UK’s first truly inclusive research company, that values the opinions of all the UK. Therefore, we need to know who you are when you sign up to become a Research Helper.

Keeping your profile updated with as much information as possible is useful to not only us, but also to you as the Research Helper. The more we know about your current situation, the more likely you are to be contacted for a paid research opportunity. This way, you won't have to miss out on a research study, where you can get paid for your valued opinion on a topic that’s important to you.

We encourage participants to update any details that may have recently changed. This could include occupation, marital status, postcode, or digital skills. We want you to take part in as many different types of research that you’re eligible for, so keep that profile up to date!

Your profile is automatically updated with any new information provided when you apply for a new project. If you would like any details to be changed, please email us at

If you have any concerns on why we collect certain data and how we handle it, you can read our blog addressing these questions.

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